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When I first started MonsterZine, the graphical web was still in its infancy. MST3K was still new, and blogging had yet to be born. I wanted to start a magazine that was a hybrid of the fan writing I was… Continue Reading →

Childhood Trauma, Dead Nuns, and a Touch of Magical Realism: Terror in the Jungle

There’s a special little subgenre of films that I like to call “accidentally awesome.” They’re awful, yet in spite of every terrible choice their creators make, they manage by some unnamable, unreproducible alchemy to become schlocktastic gold—hilarious, and even charming… Continue Reading →

Little Red Riding Hood and the Monsters: So Bad It’s . . . Bad

Scratch any fairytale, and beneath the surface lurks a horror story. Monsters, murder, and mayhem abound in them. In the case of Little Red Riding Hood, you don’t even need to scratch; the horror is front and center. Red Riding… Continue Reading →

Schlock and Awe

Watch this space! We’ll be participating in the So Bad It’s Good Blogathon hosted by Taking Up Room.

Not Quite the Same Old, Same Old

In spite of the scenes that make us feel uncomfortable, horror movies have a comfortable familiarity. They follow a pattern, and, as Scream pointed out so brilliantly, have certain rules and tropes. But often these tropes are so overused that… Continue Reading →

Don’t Feed the Plants

It’s autumn, and the farmer’s market tables are groaning with gorgeous produce, tempting even the most tentative cooks to get out the salad spinner and channel their inner Julia Child. But what if the produce fought back? In honor of… Continue Reading →

In Honor of St. Patrick’s Day: Jones for the Stones

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day, when most people’s fancies turn to thoughts of corned beef, green beer, and leprechauns, and mine turn to thoughts of…Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments. Whether you believe the ancient stone circles, dolmens, cairns, and passage tombs… Continue Reading →

Two Women Face Their Demons—and Their Pasts: The Awakening and Housebound

At first blush, The Awakening (2011), a gorgeous period horror movie set in 1921 England, and Housebound (2014), a quirky horror-comedy set in modern New Zealand, have nothing in common, except that they are both ostensibly ghost stories. But both… Continue Reading →

Female Monsters and Crimson Peak

Director Guillermo del Toro called this article from the Guardian “The very BEST published wording of what we wanted CRIMSON PEAK to be.” It’s worth a read, especially if you loved Crimson Peak or want to understand what del Toro was trying to… Continue Reading →

Halloween Candy

Sage advice, especially if you have siblings. Happy Halloween!

Crimson Peak Drinking Game

Crimson Peak is a ravishing, creepy, gothic wonder full of references to director Guillermo del Toro’s favorite movies, books, art, and more. If you haven’t seen it yet, or if you’re going back for a second viewing, check out our… Continue Reading →

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